Hypnotherapy for Weight Management



Clinical hypnotherapy doesn’t replace healthy eating and physical activity, instead it assists in addressing the underlying barriers that prevent weight loss. These barriers can be anything from lack of motivation, fear of exercise, to comfort eating or compulsive behaviours.

How clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy can help with weight loss?

Controlling weight can be very difficult for some people. Overcoming the mind obstruction can be challenging. Often people know what they have to do and can’t understand why they don’t. This is why hypnotherapy can be effective. Emotions, beliefs, values, memory, habits and the human operating system are in the unconscious mind.

Most problems exist in the unconscious level, and some problems are in fact sort of trans state. Therefore, addressing them in the unconscious level can be more effective. Trans operates at the unconscious level and deals directly with the unconscious mind, the very heart where changes need to be done. There is more acceptance of suggestions at the trans state

Clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy can help changing the pattern the patient is running, associates the patient with its resources and dissociate from the presenting issue.

Weight management program with hypnotherapy 

Mariame offers one to one “Weight freedom program with hypnotherapy”

The program includes 12 sessions in 3 stages. Each stage includes 4 sessions.

The program combines nutrition advice, coaching and hypnotherapy.

All sessions include hypnotherapy and are specifically tailored to every patient’s needs.

This program is designed to help patients to:

  • Increase confidence with food choices
  • Restore good relationship with food
  • Reconnect with their inner senses and their body
  • Improve body image and acceptance
  • Discover and reconnect with inner resources
  • Overcome inner barriers preventing them from sticking to their plan
  • Increase self confidence
  • Decrease anxiety and obsessive thoughts
  • Become more mindful and present in the moment